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Construction cost estimating service for Contractors, Architects, Home Builders, Design Build Firms and Sub Contractor Trades. 

Freelance or Outsource Estimating is a cost effective concept that's the solution to your estimator work load problem and the road to higher profits for you. Important reasons for you to hire Robert Simpson Estimator as your cost estimator.

Outsourcing your project estimating requirements is your key to bidding and winning more projects. Grow your company by outsourcing your construction cost estimating to Robert Simpson Estimator for Estimating Commercial Construction projects, Sub-Contractor Estimates, Residential Home Construction Cost Estimating or Commercial Retail or Office Fit-out Estimating.

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Hire Robert Simpson Estimator as your Freelance Project Estimator. We can quickly fill a void in your estimating department. We can add to your estimating team or we can become the estimating department you lack.

 Submit your PDF or TIF drawings now for a free flat rate cost quote to produce your estimate report. The flat rate price we quote you is the only price you will pay. We guarantee it. We will have your flat rate price quote back to you the next day. Robert Simpson Estimating also uses First Data Corporation Secure Checkout Service for the convenience of our clients.


Construction Cost Estimate Reports available

 1. Square Foot Cost Estimate Report. 

 2. Assemblies Cost Estimate Report. 

 3. Line Item Takeoff Cost Estimate Report.


Sorry, we do not estimate from paper plans. Computer Takeoffs only. Adobe PDF or Tiff files.

The latest R. S. Means 3rd. Quarter 2017 price upgrades are incorporated into our databases. Simpson Estimating uses the latest pricing to insure the accuracy of your construction cost estimate report.

Here is a listing of companies  and entites that use R. S. Means databases for their estimating requirements.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, GSA, Pentagon, U.S. Department of Energy, FEMA, U.S. Department of Labor, Clark Realty Builders, Forest City Chicago, Firestone Building Products, Armstrong World Industries, Portland Cement Association, CABA , Georgia Pacific, Milliken, Alcan, Cable, Steelscape, Institute for Water Resources, NIBS, VA Healthcare, Hunt Building Corporation. These are just a few of thousands of clients. Simpson Estimating Services only provides the very best service possible to our clients using the very best software available!

Why Choose Simpson Estimating?

Increases your profit potential. The more you bid, the more estimate bids you can win.  
  1. Save your time. Free your time from estimating to operate and build your business. Let Simpson be your estimator.
  2. Save money. Pay for us as you need us. No need to hire a full time estimator for 75 to 100K a year.
  3. Accurate and timely estimating reports built from the latest 2016 R.S.Means databases. Most States and the Federal Government utilize R.S. Means, so we do also.
  4. We produce accurate estimates price adjusted for any State in the USA.
  5. Add to your estimating department by outsourcing when necessary to add additional projects or increase your bidding options.
  6. Estimating is our only business.  Quick, fast, accurate estimating reports at reasonable prices allow you to focus all your attention on your clients needs and close the sale.
  7. Our estimators all have 20+ years of estimating experience
  8. Turn around time on estimates takes 7 to 10 work days.
Services and Estimating Reports Available:
  • Pre Budget Estimating Reports & Conceptual Construction Estimating.
  • Hard Bid Estimating, Schools, Malls, All Commercial Construction.
  • Labor & Material estimating, Line Item Estimate Reports.  
  • CSI Divisions 15 & 16 and Painting/Staining are estimated utilizing the R.S.Means Square Foot Cost pricing database or Means Assembly Cost pricing database.
  • Remodeling Estimating with Overhead & Profit Totals.
  • Residential Cost Estimates.
  • Estimating services provided nationwide from our Delaware office. 
  • Open shop, prevailing wage or union pricing available for all estimating reports.
  • Cost factors and pricing in all estimate reports are based on your zip code area.

Sample Estimating Reports, Facts and Links:

We accept all major credit cards, money orders or wire transfers in payment. Please take notice: We require full payment before we deliver a completed estimate report. 
Payment Terms: 50% downpayment is required. Full payment is due on completion and before delivery of the estimate report by Simpson Estimating Services.
Please read carefully:
Design Build or Retail and Office Fit Outs are priced as follows:
Commercial projects with custom casework, custom wall treatments, custom furnishings or specialized equipment etc. can be included in the estimate report, if you provide the cost factors. Items like custom casework, custom signage, wall finishes and furnishings can also be estimated by our office. However, we will need time to contact the various vendors to gather the costs involved for inclusion in the estimate reports. Charges for this type of effort are priced by the hour.  Whenever possible we can include a square foot average median price for most of the items discussed above in the estimate report. All such price inclusions in a report will be from R.S. Means latest square foot databases based on the projects zipcode cost modifiers. 
Satisfied Customers:
Beth Shipman, Gunnison, CO
Hi Robert,
We came in as lowest bidder on the Gunnison County Storage Facility. Our final number was
$139,900. The next highest bidder was $151,000 and the highest bid was $250,000.
We are not going to get rich but at least we will keep working until the economy and demand improves.
Thank you so very much

Ben T. Summers, Madison, AL
Robert Simpson services are a class act , He not only completed our $1,000.000.00 bid on time .Robert's work help build our companies image and abilities ,and moved us to the top of list of main bids for consideration. We would recommend Robert Simpson's service to anyone with complete confidence . We will be using Robert again in the future.
Northcon Inc. Hayden ID
It was simple and quick! Thank you for this great service! We will use you again. Northcon, Inc
From Pat, Custom Home Builder & Remodeler,New York
Hi Bob,
In general I was pleased with the estimate. The presentation and detail is great.
From Anthony, Steel & Welding Supplier, Florida
Thanks Robert,
I really like the excel format that allows me to edit the report. Great work.
From David, Home Builder, Ohio
Hi Robert,
Thanks and great job on your estimate.
I have been working on my comparison with yours....however...
What I am doing is taking the labor part and seperating it...I assume I would get roughly the same comparison.
I may have further questions if that is OK.
Additionally, I may want to hire you for addtional services on this project if that would be OK.
Thanks David
From Miljce, Painting Contractor, Miami Florida
Hello, Just what we need to bid this job.
Follow up from Miljce, Painting Contractor, Miami Florida
We won the bid and we have a contract meeting today with the GC. Almost $475,000 and our first commercial contract. I am very satisfied. Thanks,
Please investigate this web site completely for full information about our estimating services.  Most questions you have are answered on this site. 

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