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Estimating questions and answers





Q. If I give you a contract to estimate a bid will you protect my interests?


 Ans. Absolutely! We work only for you on any bid you ask us to estimate. We state that in writing in our consulting contract.


Q. Can I have you work in my office instead of yours?


 Ans. Yes, We all have lap top computers. All we need is an internet hookup and a printer connection.


Q. Would you ever work directly on my company payroll?


 Ans. No, sorry we freelance only.


Q. Do you keep backup copies of estimates?


  Ans. No, Only if you request it. 


Q. Can I bring my work to your office for you to estimate?


 Ans. Certainly, plus you save travel charges.


Q. Can you send out ITB's to my subs and have the quotes returned to your office?


 Ans. Yes, happy to do so.


Q. Can you act as my estimating department if I request it?


 Ans. Yes, but short term only.


Q. What type of report do I receive after you finish the estimate?


 Ans. Your final estimate report is in Excel format or hardcopy form.


Q. What estimating format do you prefer? 


 Ans.We prefer and follow CSI's MasterFormat in all our reports.


Q. How do you expect to be paid?


 Ans. You are presented a COD invoice payable on presentation and delivery of your final reports.


Q. Do you ever projects manage?


 Ans. No


Q. How can I be sure your final bill is priced correctly?


 Ans. We fax you an hourly work sheet at the end of each work day so you always know exactly how many hours Simpson Estimating has put into your project.


Q. What termination clauses are in your consulting contract?


 Ans. Either party can cancel the contract with 24 hours notice to the other entity as defined in the agreement. Please see the Sample Consulting Agreement.


Q. Can you do Design Build Estimates?


 Ans. If you have a written scope and a footprint drawing we can supply a proposed budget you can present to your client.


Q. Can you do pre-design budgeting?


 Ans. Yes, Labor and material or square foot pricing.


Q. I just took over another contractor's project; can you do value engineering and help me make a profit?


 Ans. Yes!


Q. Do you carry liability or error and omissions insurance?


 Ans. No, too expensive and it is a non-issue. This is simply estimating. Do you carry liability insurance on your in-house estimators? If we make a mistake you can't live with you can cancel our contract the same way you can fire an employee.


Q. Can you give me an estimated cost quote before we sign a contract?


 Ans. Yes!


Q. Is your price right?


 Ans. You are hiring Simpson Estimating to fill a void in your estimating department or to get an extra bid out. Since we carry all of our own overhead costs the hourly rate must cover it. So, yes your short term cost is higher than for your employee, but you only pay for us for as long as you need us. Your employee you pay for full time. Also, your competition is using outsource estimators. Remember "Bid low, Bid often."


Q. Will I win more jobs?


 Ans. Yes, no, maybe. No one can give guarantees in bidding. However, if you're bidding more jobs you should win more jobs.



The questions above Simpson Estimating has answered for clients over the years and if you have a question not covered here, please email or call us and we will happily answer.


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