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More Questions...


Q. Can you utilize digital media cd's loaded with my PDF, TIF, or DWG sets and project specifications in lieu of print sets?


 Ans. Yes, as a matter of fact we use electronic files only. No paper plan takeoffs.


Q. What are the benefits of utilizing someone like you?


 Ans. 1. Simpson Estimating is a direct write off from your taxes.

        2. You only pay for us for only as long as you need us.

        3. You save all the costs of carrying a full time employee.

        4. You get 30 years of combined experience immediately.

        5. You get an honest unbiased, true cost estimate.

        6. You can be located anywhere in the country and you will receive

           an accurate report as long as we have the correct documents

           to work with.

        7. We survive on repeat business. It doesn?t make sense not to

           send you accurate and fine tuned estimates geared to you

           winning as many bids as possible.

        8. We are only privy to the information you want us to have. All

           our work is completely confidential. See Sample Consulting Contract.

        9. Our price is right! 

       10. Our experience in all construction disciplines i.e.; commercial,

            residential, remodeling, design build projects could open new

            bidding opportunities for you to explore.


Q. How can you give me an accurate estimate when you are in Delaware and we are so many states distant from you?


 Ans. Labor and material costs are not very different across the country. Variations occur in New York city due to its size and cost of living, but all our databases are adjustable for pricing for any state in the country. Once you receive your report large quantity and high dollar items can be readily checked through your local suppliers.


Q. Will you do takeoffs?


 Ans. We will takeoff any division or all divisions you need. We are here to meet any specialized requirement you have.


Q. What estimating system do you utilize?


 Ans. R.S. Means 2013 databases are our primary sources. 


Q. How many estimators do you employee?


 Ans. Two. Simpson Estimating specializes in estimating only. The most important single item you need for your project to be successful is an accurate labor and material bid price. Every other aspect of your successful business grows from that. Our goal is to provide as accurate a report as possible, so you can be confident when you start your project or place your bid.


Q. What is the turn around time for an estimate?


 Ans. 5 to 7 days on smaller projects and up to 6 weeks on large projects. You will have a firm time frame once we quote you, based on your submitted drawings and specifications. This quote will be back to you in 24 hours or less. You will have enough time to review and to get quotes on material and equipment purchases.


Q. How much experience do you have?


 Ans. 30 years in every facet of commercial and residential construction.








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