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As a General Contractor and client you have a right to expect experience, confidentiality and a detail-oriented professional. I believe and I practice an estimating technique which involves me closely with the design team rather than just producing a specific estimate, whenever it is possible. I also believe there are three parts to an accurate estimate: estimating take-off, estimating pricing and estimating review. Utilizing R.S. Means 2013 software (the premier software and also the software used by many cities and states, etc.); I give my clients my very best effort and an accurate estimating report. Estimating take-off involves 85% of the estimating time and demands the best pure science and accurate calculations.

Pricing input takes about 10% of the time and involves some science and some art. It comes from subcontractors, software, suppliers and pricing publications.

Reviewing the project (final 5%) means to review all the intangibles that will impact the project i.e.: bid climate, access to the site, and any special requirements that can affect the final cost.  All of the associates at this office practice this ethic.


Robert Simpson Experience


Commercial and Residential construction estimating expertise comes with years of training both from schooling and being on the job.  Mr. Simpson has 30+ years of construction experience.   Mr. Simpson has worked with Commercial and esidential Construction companies in Delaware and Pennsylvania as a senior estimator. Mr. Simpson owned and operated his own company for 20+ years as a General Contractor. His hands-on experience and formal education at Goldey Beacom College and the University of Delaware provide him with unique insights about all facets of building design and construction. Mr. Simpson can process a new project from inception to completion in a very short time. He will  not waste   time in completing your estimate reports. This means savings for you of time and money because you will receive your completed estimate quickly and in adaquate time for you to process the bid.


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Mary Simpson Experience


Mary has 30 years of estimating and administration experience and provides us with her valuable management expertise on a daily basis. Mary runs the daily operations. This allows the estimators to concentrate and focus all their attention on estimating.












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